We ask that the measure which you have proposed for a discounted mortgage, continued it is now until November, the Governor said. If such opportunities are, then it would, of course, victory.

the Solution in this area, he said, has helped the developers on the backdrop of severe economic turbulence, which has caused pandemic coronavirus. If such a program began, “the construction company could just fall to the side,” said Vorobyov.

Today, according to the head of the region, Moscow region, apartments for sale 130-150 a day and 80% of them at a discounted mortgage. And the participants of this program, said Vorobyov, pay the rent of 6-10 thousand rubles a month less than before. Depending on the cost of housing mortgage payments make up 40 to 48 thousand.

Note that the program loans to 6.5% of the power launched in April as one of the measures of market support in the period of the pandemic. And recently the government has reduced from 20% to 15% down payment. Also increased the total amount of credits that can be issued by banks under this program, with 740 billion to 900 billion rubles.