How to reach her? From Novorossiysk is the bus, and can be reached by car. The road leads to the sea through the picturesque landscape. In just 15 minutes you will be in place, having met on the road neat rows of vineyards. The mild climate and large number of Sunny days provided there are ideal conditions for growing grapes. And its fresh air, clean sea and pebbled beach, a small and cozy village of Abrau-Durso has gradually turned into a full-fledged resort.

it owes Its name to the most beautiful lake Abrau, which is the largest freshwater lake in the Caucasus and has unusual turquoise color. The greatest depth of the reservoir is about 10.5 meters. The lake is fed by numerous streams and springs from the mountains. Three kilometers long and 800 meters wide, it is picturesque at any time of the day or night, no wonder here for a good selfie fans aim “Instagram”.

In Abrau-Dyurso also go for gastronomic delights, immersion in history, different activities. You will enjoy a walk through the alleys of roses, catamarans and yachts, evening gatherings in cafes and restaurants Caucasian and European cuisine. But most importantly, where did the glory of this resort village – winery, with its rich historical past.

Travellers come to start the acquaintance with the famous Russian champagne that is produced in these places for half a century. The specific manor of Abrau-Durso was founded by decree of Emperor Alexander II in 1870. It is here that champagne was created the Russian school, the development of which has made an enormous contribution to both Russian and French experts. In the last century Abrau-Durso has become synonymous with the best sparkling wines from Russia, which is loved by the entire Royal court and came into fashion throughout the country.

Today the company is the leader among domestic producers of sparkling and still wines, and the legendary brand “Abrau-Durso” is celebrating 150 years since the Foundation.

to Learn more about the history of the legendary wine of the house during tours of the Museum complex and the famous mountain tunnels of the factory of sparkling wines. During the trip you can see vintage equipment wine, to consider the original historical photo, and the familiarity with the traditions of the Russian house of wine will be extremely useful for Amateurs and connoisseurs of domestic wine.

But not only visit the historical complex will be remembered by the tourists in Abrau-Dyurso. After all, this is a real resort, where the hotel “Imperial” you can plunge into Camrade-spa, pamper yourself in the Finnish and herbal sauna, a Hammam and try the experience shower and ice fountain, relaxation area and an outdoor summer pool.

over the weekend, the resort’s promenade filled with musicians �� artists, masters of decorative crafts. Cafes and restaurants offer travelers of all tastes, so you can walk until late at night, without the risk of starving. The resort offers two hotels: the boutique hotel Imperial & Champagne-spa offers elegant accommodation in a romantic style of French Provence, and the house “Round the lake” 2* located in the relic forest.

Ecotourism is now in Vogue. In the framework of the project “Wine roads” centre of tourism “Abrau-Durso” has managed to unite the most renowned wine brands, and pave trails. They lead travelers to where on the mountain slopes green vineyards, and the wineries are working dairies and farms. For two or three days you can change a few locations to try a few wines, watch the production of cheese and homemade bread, buy organic food handmade. Tourists can visit the vineyards and hear about the secrets and traditions of winemaking. And then you can return to Abrau-Dyurso and make a “sparkling evening”.

be Sure to take tours and to choose the best champagne, advises tourist veteran Lara Ustyuzhanina. – Visit gastronomy workshop will be fun and delicious. In the elegant hotel Imperial, made in the French style, fabulous breakfasts, friendly staff, and there’s a Spa and swimming pool among pine trees.

not surprisingly, the village of Abrau-Dyurso loved by the newlyweds. Due to its natural factors and the numerous opportunities this place is incredibly ideal for weddings and honeymoons. This is the most unusual honeymoon: imagine a romantic stroll through the vineyards, riding on the lake, sunsets with magnificent views of the local mountains. “Something incredible happens: it sounds beautiful music, flying around the bubbles, champagne is poured into a glass in the bathroom. Sparkling wine for Breakfast, seafood, croissants with chocolate, coffee, tasty – all very nice and stylish” – wrote in the review about the stay in the hotel “Imperial” travelers from Nizhny Novgorod.

Having been here, many couples admit: this trip will never be forgotten because of Abrau-Dyurso is a place where everything is imbued with love.