The Spanish press the Reset button. The socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez (46) has yesterday announced that on 28. April, new elections shall be held. The reason of the rejection of the budget of his minority government as well as the Catalonia-armed.

Originally Sánchez elections had been set for 2020. Yesterday, he said: “Spain has not a Minute to lose, Spain will have to come forward.” Sánchez slipped only eight months in office after his conservative predecessor, Mariano Rajoy (63) had lost a vote of confidence.

Sánchez’ minority government from the beginning under a bad star. She had to, apart from the populist left-wing party Podemos, support to two separatist parties from Catalonia. This is not denied his Budget, because he advocated for the acquittal of the twelve separatist leaders, which are currently due to coup attempt in court.

Lively discussions,

Spain is experiencing now within four years, the third parliamentary election. Although lead in the polls, Sánchez’ socialists, however, for a majority in Parliament, it is not enough for you. The Left could be from a civil-rights Alliance replaced.

For the Spanish Ambassador in Switzerland, Aurora Díaz-Rato Revuelta (61), are the elections a Chance. She says: “The discussions in Spain are currently extremely lively. Elections can help to channel the political debate, and to solve blockages.”