Ministry of health of Spain has allowed the La Liga club to resume training this week.

As reported on the website La Liga, “in accordance with the special Protocol which was drawn up by the League in conjunction with the medical experts, the players are allowed to return to individual training after a medical examination by the club doctors.” The season in Spain, as in other countries, was interrupted because of the pandemic of coronavirus.

it is reported that the resumption of the national championship football scheduled for June. But for this, players will have about a month to train under the supervision of physicians, and a final decision on the resumption of football life in the country will be taken at the government level.

“This crisis has had a profound influence on all of us. The return of football is a sign that society will gradually return to normal life. It will also return the element of life that people love so much in Spain and worldwide, – said the President of La Liga Javier Thebes.

He noted that in the first place will still be standing people’s health. The League developed a road map for the resumption of the season.

“the Circumstances are unprecedented, but we hope to start playing again in June and finish the season 19/20 this summer,” he said.

In Spain COVID-19 ached more than 218 thousand people. On 4 may, died 25 428 of them.