So is the mad again in the Spanish royal family, where even a scandal now in bloom.

Spain’s king Felipe has publicly been out to renounce his inheritance and deprive his father, the former king Juan Carlos, his annual apanage.

It writes The Guardian.

It has come to the surface, the former king Juan Carlos has received money from a secret fund linked to Saudi Arabia.

A fund which his son, king Felipe, was not informed existed.

It has now led to, that king Felipe has chosen to take the controversial decisions.

It will not be disclosed, hor much money king Felipe says no, but his father’s apanage is 1.5 million per year.

The secret fund from which the previous king Juan Carlos has received money from, called ‘Lucum Foundation’. It accommodates just about 485 million dollars, and they were all listed as a ‘donation’ from Saudi Arabia’s king.

This is not the first scandal in the Spanish royal family.

in 2014, the abdicated former king Juan Carlos after he had been involved in a long series of scandals.

the Same year was king the felipe’s sister in law since her husband Inigo Urdangarin, suspected of fraudulently using public funds.

He now sits in prison.