Spain was not included in the list of dangerous countries for coronavirus

the assignment – keep a diary “quarantined”.

the 6th day of self-isolation.

In Spain restless. A novel coronavirus was sick for more than two thousand people. Deaths – about fifty.

From the news distracts you call a friend: “I’m taking you oil. What other products are needed?” Had to stop her. After the “hot line” of the Novosibirsk regional Ministry of health told us that Spain does not pass through official documents as negative for coronavirus, the country, the husband came out of isolation. And already bought the oil.

Photo: EPA-EFE/RAJAT GUPTA Russia suspended the passage of the Italians across the border for coronavirus

I left. In fact, the world health organization declared a pandemic of the coronavirus, which is a different thing. That the regional Ministry of health posted on his page in social networks and on the official website of detailed instructions on what to do if… at least that’s something.

so I read: “Where to go if he returned from China, Italy, Korea, Iran?”. The first thing to notify by phone “112”.

“Which countries in the list affected by coronavirus?”. Answer: “the List of countries with unfavorable situation on the coronavirus determines the CPS, the list updating. Today, for example, to China, South Korea, Iran, and Italy has added Germany and France”.

Spain is not on this list. Okay, to clarify. Dial “112”.

Hello. My husband and I returned from Spain. What do we do next?

– Live! – heard in the tube a calm male voice.

Photo: Vitaly Timkivi / RIA Novosti four Muscovites coronavirus – again from Italy

At least I’m doing consciously, limiting communication and access to public places. That the Ministry of health asks about it. “Domestic flights are not currently met and not inspect. If a person arrived from abroad in transit via Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Irkutsk or any other city, it needs to check at the airport of arrival. And information transfer at the place of residence. If for some reason it did not happen, citizens need to show awareness and to report back to Novosibirsk. The “hotline” the number “112” or in his clinic,” reads the recommendation of the Ministry of health.

Compare two documents of Rospotrebnadzor dated March 2, 2020 and the decree of the mayor of Moscow from March 5. Spain is only the second document, and this means that in our region, I can walk quietly. But this is unlikely to soothe my colleagues, if tomorrow I show up to work. Call the registry of polyclinic № 1 of Novosibirsk, which is attached.

Can I get tested for coronavirus?

On the other end pause.

– No special orders no. Try to make an appointment to the physician or infectious disease.

Photo: EPA-EFE/CESARE ABBATE Latvia imposed a state of emergency because of the coronavirus

I Read in the instructions of the Ministry of health: “Independently of this test (new infection) can be done. It is prescribed to those who have returned from countries where the spread of the coronavirus, patients with clinical symptoms of SARS arrived from such countries. As well as all people with pneumonia and severe forms of SARS, even if they have not been out of the country”. The circle is closed.

Now in the Novosibirsk region under observation are 282 people. 447 people have already been removed from the register. According to the health Ministry, currently in Novosibirsk region there is not one confirmed cases of coronavirus infection. All patients noted SARS in mild or moderate form. Doctors say in this case: “Patients with clinical signs of SARS, arrived from countries affected by coronavirus infection.”

I’m between pauses in the work “on remote” continue to struggle with a dripping faucet. My sister’s husband on the phone told me that I could try to turn, turn. Yay! Done! The isolation continues.