the Municipality of Barcelona intends to deprive the owners of about 200 located in the city apartments, if they will be empty within a month. It is reported

All objects are owned by large companies and organizations, about half of the Spanish state Bank Sareb, which was specifically designed to control problematic and unclaimed property. According to the portal, empty apartment for two years and now their owners delivered an ultimatum: either the living space someone takes up, or it is expropriated in favor of the city authorities.

finding buyers or tenants the owners were given 30 days. In the foreseeable future, the Barcelona city Council is going to decide the fate of about 230 unclaimed properties.

In may, it was reported that the fall of housing prices in Spain in the near future is unlikely — despite the negative impact of the pandemic coronavirus in the local real estate market. Thus, in the current environment consumers had the opportunity to spend more time on selection of objects. Many are waiting for the discounts, not in a hurry to conclude the transaction.