The state of mind of your football Nations embody the super striker Paco Alcácer and Harry Kane currently perfect. New mood of optimism and the highest in Spain stand in stark contrast to change sex would the English, the act transferred to the euphorically celebrated the world Cup semi-final in Russia, and without the necessary game of luck, lag behind.

In a direct duel this Monday (20.45 clock/DAZN) can make Spain the third win for the Ticket to the Final Four of the tournament in the Nations League, in a clear and England in acute Abstiegsnot plunge.

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it is about to Arrive back on the guarantor of Alcácer, in the last every shot was a hit. The striker uphill knows since his move to Borussia Dortmund in August, only one direction: steeply. At BVB, he scored six wild goals in less than 100 minutes, then he celebrated his return to the national team, where he promptly hit back twice and his Team cheer.

Spaniard Enrique: "Alcácer is currently massive"

Alcácer, form strong as never before, stands for new beginnings and is full of a symbol of Spain’s resurgent national team before. "It is a little bit of everything: happiness, self-confidence, trust of the Coach, inserts, and especially the daily work," said the 25-year-old Dortmund striker his current run.

Also coach Luis Enrique is delighted. "Alcacer is currently enormous, because he is in a Phase, the players only rarely achieve," said the Coach, handed over as a professional for many years for Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. Although Diego Costa’s shot in Russia, three goals in four Games, you have missed such a striker as the BVB new addition to their storm center. "What we currently see from him is a miracle," praised Enrique.

Englishman Kane: "I’ll be ready for the game in Spain, for sure"

fit As smoothly for the Furia Roja finally, all of this underlined the Coach with great appreciation for his current roster. "It is not only very difficult to come into the Team, but also in the squad." of The document: In the Nations League, the 2010 world champion hits the weights on the two difficult, but the world Cup semi-finalists England and Croatia, after two Games only one point each, the Spaniard was six.

The Three Lions coach Gareth Southgate have to worry about therefore also the Class whereabouts. The gateless draw in the world Cup semi-final opponents Croatia was the last line of defense is also an expression of the blatant statements weakness of England. "We would be more concerned if we were not to play out of these opportunities", adding, Southgate. But the fact is: In the four Games since the semi-finals in Russia only two goals. Spain is not conquered, is the participation in the final in the Nations Cup and so the next English title dream a thing of the past.

Also world Cup top scorer and Tottenham’s Superstar Kane is no longer true as even in the summer. "I’ll be ready for the game in Spain, for sure," clarified a lot of player Kane is. Most recently, he scored only six goals in 16 Games in Russia, he had met five times in the first two games. "I stayed fit and healthy, that was my first priority. Now is the time to build on this and continue to give Gas," said Kane. The security and the self-confidence of Paco Alcácer he currently has.

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