At the same time, the government warned in Madrid, the authorities of Venezuela, you trust that the inviolability of the diplomatic representation will be respected, as Spanish media reported on Thursday. López had thanked the Embassy have taken him in as a “guest”.

a Short time before had issued a Venezuelan court to issue an arrest warrant against López. The secret service Sebin is to set the founder of opposition party Voluntad Popular, and to the military prison Ramo Verde, told the criminal court in Caracas.

On Tuesday, had been freed López on the instructions of the self-proclaimed interim President Juan Guaidó of insurgents, soldiers from house arrest. The planned coup attempt against the government of controversial President Nicolás Maduro failed, however, to begin with. López sought protection in the Spanish Embassy.

According to Spanish media, he stressed, it was not an attempted coup. Rather, it is about the restoration of the constitutional order. Guaidó accuses Maduro electoral fraud. He had ripped the Power unlawfully.

Lopez sat since 2014 in. At the time, came during anti-government protests, more than 40 people have been killed. A court sentenced Lopez because of incitement to violence to nearly 14 years in prison. Last sat the leader of the opposition in the house arrest. Numerous governments and human rights organizations saw in López a political prisoner.