the Journalist of the Spanish newspaper EFE, Jose Ignacio Ortega Bashan described the behavior of the Russian striker, “salty” Fedor Smolov. His words leads “CHempionata”.

“He’s a smart and intelligent guy, speaks perfect English. But sometimes being childish, although he was already 30 years old and it’s time to grow up,” said Bashan. He added that football in Spain — professionals, “you need to constantly prove their right to play.”

According to the journalist, Russian “behaved like a child” during the quarantine, on the background of the pandemic coronavirus when he left the club and went to Russia to my family.

June 27, Celta played a draw (2:2) with the Catalan “Barcelona”. Smolov scored a goal scored. Former football player of Russian national team Roman Pavlyuchenko responded with “can end a career.”

on 1 July it was reported that “Celta” to extend the lease of Smolov. Now, Smolov will be able to spend the rest of the championship. The tournament will conclude on July 19.