In Spain increases the number of dead and infected as a result of koronaviruset quickly.

Total is 4.858 people perished. The number infected increased by 14 per cent in the past day to over 64.000. However, there is a lower increase than the last few days.

Over 36,000 people are admitted to the hospital, according to health authorities in the country.

Spain has the highest number of dead in Europe after Italy and both countries have now more dead than China.

the Hospitals are overloaded, and there is a great lack of protective clothing and test equipment. Epidemitoppen will come without that there are enough resources, or an accurate picture of how the virus spreads, writes the Spanish storavisen El Pais on Friday.

769 people died in Spain on a day as a result of koronaviruset

Photo: Emilio Morenatti / AP Skøytehall have been mortuary

Madrid is the epicentre for the spread in Spain. Around half of the dead are in the capital.

Begravelsesbyråene can no longer accommodate all the dead. Earlier this week was therefore a ishall turned into mortuary.

Where children and young people went ice skating a few weeks ago, now stands chests all in a row.

the Low temperature in the ice-rink is the reason why this site was selected.

at the same time, the authorities have established field hospitals with over 5,000 beds at a fair in Madrid, and several hotels have been converted into makeshift hospitals.

Nursing homes have been particularly hard hit by the epidemic and many have perished at institutions for the elderly.

the Conditions in several places in Spanish media has been described as horrible and the authorities have initiated an investigation. The military unit UME that delivers, among other medications to defer, have found “older people who were completely left to fend for themselves,” said secretary Margarita robles are Monday.

the Health care worker turns the alarm and the lack of equipment and unsafe working conditions.

Photo: JAIME REINA / AFP “This is our generation’s war”

Spanish media writes about doctors and nurses who work around the clock and barely have time to go to the bathroom.

the Health care worker tells us about the great lack of equipment, and that the masks and goggles must be reused at several hospitals.

Health professionals say about koronakrisen that “this is our generation’s war.”

Doctors and nurses are also very prone to getting sick. Almost 10,000 of those infected in the country are health care workers, according to the authorities.

– There is a high number compared with other countries. It is one of our concerns that we work with, ” says Fernando Simón, director of the ministry of health to El Mundo.

There is also a big lack of testing equipment. The Spanish authorities bought therefore 58.000 hurtigtester from the chinese company Bioeasy. But on Thursday, it was revealed that the tests were of so poor quality that they could not be used, write RTVE.

A patient should be tested for koronavirus.

Photo: Manu Fernandez / AP “Total care”

On Wednesday, beating the trade union of doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and tannlager alarm. In a joint statement they wrote that over 700,000 health care workers are working under conditions that are described as “totally unsafe” and “very risky hygiene conditions as a result of utstyrsmangel”.

the health Authorities in the country say that 550 million stitches and 11 million gloves to come over the next few weeks.

But also in Spain as in many other countries, there is now a debate whether the authorities reacted too late to obtain protective equipment.

In an interview with the TELEVISION station Telecinco, admits the leader of the Madrid region, Isabel Díaz Ayuso that “to get bought equipment from other countries now, is pretty complicated”.

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