The SpaceX-space capsule is scheduled to dock on schedule on Monday at the ISS, such as SpaceX and the U.S. space Agency Nasa said on Saturday. The capsule is intended to deliver supplies and equipment to the ISS Crew of around 400 kilometers above the earth.

the schedule for The supply flight to the ISS was several times get mixed up. Least, the launch had to be postponed in the short term, because on the ISS there is a Problem with the power supply. Also a second attempt failed due to technical problems on the launch platform at the space station at Cape Canaveral in Florida.

algae to stale air in an oxygen –

convert The capsule, among other things, an Experiment at the University of Stuttgart and the German centre for air and space travel (DLR) brings to the Station, with the driver. This algae is to convert stale air through photosynthesis into oxygen.

in order to space the driver will also be for long-term missions around the moon or Mars as independent as possible of the supplies, such as the DLR announced. Currently living and working on the Outpost of humanity, three Americans, two Russians and a canadian. (SDA)