Us company SpaceX was appointed on June 23 the launch of the tenth batch of 60 micro-satellites that will be part of the deployed global Internet Starlink.

Curb satellites the Falcon 9 rocket must be launched from Cape Canaveral on the evening of 23 June.

According to “Interfax”, together with apparatus groups Starlink into orbit will bring two small remote sensing satellite Global-4, designed by BlackSky. The device will handle multi-spectral photography of the planet with a resolution of about a meter.

The last batch of SpaceX satellites went into orbit on 13 June. Now in orbit is located 538 vehicles, so the company Elon musk has already become the largest satellite operator in the world.

Wrote the Starlink network is deployed in earth orbit. Satellites weighing about 500 kilograms, will provide Internet access from any point on Earth. Broadband connection complying with a standard 5G will appear in remote and sparsely populated areas.