The heavy-lift rocket, the Falcon Heavy for the US space company SpaceX has completed its first commercial flight. The rocket was launched on Thursday (local time) from the American spaceport Cape Canaveral in Florida, and brought a Saudi telecoms satellite into space. The six-ton satellite was deployed 34 minutes after the Start of an orbit approximately 36 000 kilometres above the earth.

The three rockets drives back to Minnesota after less than ten minutes, according to plan, the Falcon Heavy, and returned to the earth. Two of them landed, as planned, on the mainland, another on a platform in the Atlantic ocean. SpaceX, Tesla founder Elon Musk wants to reduce with multi-purpose missiles, the cost of space missions drives.

The first commercial launch of the Falcon Heavy was originally scheduled for Wednesday. Because of the strong winds it had to be postponed on Thursday.

On Tuesday at 21.45 PM (Swiss time) is launched on the SpaceX Falcon Heavy. Elon Musks strongest rocket shoots a Tesla Roadster in the direction of Mars.A rendezvous not to be: The third ignition was to much boost.

All the News and info about the launch of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy

Nasa sets next moon mission on the Falcon Heavy

SpaceX has two rockets: The Falcon 9 and the Falcon Heavy. The Falcon 9 completed in the past year, 21 take-offs and dominated the US market. The Falcon Heavy, which is composed of three Falcon-9-rocket engines, can clearly carry heavier loads over a longer distance.

The Falcon Heavy graduated in the past year a successful maiden flight, the Musk as a big PR event staged: on Board was a bad red Tesla electric car, at the wheel of a doll in a space suit. Since then, among other things, the U.S. army and private companies have signed contracts to use the Falcon Heavy. Nasa could use it for their next moon mission. (SDA)