WASHINGTON, may 2 – RIA Novosti. The company Virgin Galactic has announced that it held another test flight suborbital spacecraft SpaceShipTwo, the first time he passed from the territory of the spaceport America in new Mexico, where in the future it is planned to make its commercial launches.

it is Noted that the apparatus for carrying it on the plane WhiteKnightTwo climbed to an altitude of 15 thousand meters, then separated and made independent of the landing.

Previously, all tests of SpaceShipTwo took place in California on the ground in the Mojave desert. In February, Virgin Galactic has completed the translation of all related to space launch facilities and employees in the state of new Mexico.

Virgin Galactic plans to carry out commercial flights for tourists on the border with outer space in the near future. Earlier it was reported that applications for space flight have already filed about 700 people, many of them made a full Deposit for the cost of the flight, which is 250 thousand dollars. Date of the first commercial flight has not yet been appointed, earlier it was reported that they can really begin in 2020.

SpaceShipTwo, which holds six passengers and two pilots up in the air on the plane-carrier WhiteKnightTwo, after undocking from it using its own engine goes on a suborbital trajectory to reach space, then made a horizontal landing.