The lunar lander of SpaceIL aims to launch in mid-February, and after a two-month journey to land on the moon, such as Ruag announced on Tuesday. It would be the first landing on the moon, which is not carried out by a state but by a private company.

3D printer

The Ruag-developed structure for the engine holder is aluminum. It was manufactured with the 3D printer, and lander, according to Ruag, the first of this kind produced component for a moon. Ruag refers in particular to the weight savings.

urine containers, wet wipes, Golf balls On the moon, many things you would not expect. Back you have left before all of the twelve astronauts who have set foot in the US Apollo missions to the moon.

the Golf balls are from astronauts Alan Shepard: He hit you in 1971, to see how far you fly, the less difficult – its presentation, much more than on earth.

in Total, there are around 800 people left behind waste things, missiles, and equipment on the moon. This also includes strange things like a Bible, the feather of a hawk and an olive branch made of Gold, in addition to include tools, cameras, measuring devices, and a shattered space probes – as a Symbol for peace.

The US space Agency Nasa has summarized up to the year 2012 left-behind objects in a list. Since then there have been other missions, where the devices landed on the moon – such as the Chinese lunar vehicle “Yutu”.

was the first manned lunar orbit and return to earth in the history of space travel. The “Apollo 8”- Misison of the US space Agency, NASA, launched on the Morning of the 21. December in Florida and the moon’s orbit reached three days later. 24. December took place the first television broadcast from lunar orbit, the estimated 500 to 600 million viewers in front of their devices were watching.

aboard the three American astronauts, Frank Biorman, James A. Lovell, and William Anders were. It was the first three people who saw the far side of the moon with their own eyes. The “Apollo 8” circled the moon ten times before on 25. December, it was initiated the return to earth.