From the battery screwdriver on sunglasses to Smartphone these inventions we owe to Nasa. The space Agency had for many problems solutions.

Because of the lack of shadows is, for example, in the universe. Therefore, the American space Agency has visors the Protection of their astronauts prepared in such a way that these protect against UV rays and are scratch resistant – what is used today in the sunglasses.

Smartphones with Nasa technology

Nasa’s technology for digital image sensors is used today in Smartphones, GoPros or digital cameras for image recording. And was invented, because it is needed for space expeditions miniature cameras.

in All well-proven technology has long established itself on the earth, and relieved since our everyday life. Not all of these inventions are new, Nasa has developed but more so the breakthrough possible.

Mars research is currently

critics claim, to All a waste of money to be traveling. In the process, they forget in addition to the scientific Benefits and the technical progress has made man with the leap to All – and pays for itself. Any amount invested comes back many times over.

that’s why governments and businesses to stick money in space research. Currently in the sights of Mars. In July 2020, the next robot to be sent to the red planet. This is to replace the existing probe’s “InSight” on Mars, and as new information on Mars and the formation of the earth supply.

On the 20. July 1969 landed the Apollo 11 Mission of NASA, the first man on the moon. 50. Anniversary, there are all the aspects of the moon landing to Read. What technique was used? Who is in the Cockpit of the rocket? What was it like on the moon at that time?

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