women are represented in the Federal house of krass. In the national Council, every third member is female, in the Council of States, and only every seventh.

The SP-women now want to motivate the citizens in the country to choose their exponents. For this, you copper an idea from the USA. In a joint action posed U.S. policy, inside the Democratic party in the past year, and did so. The action was a success: politicians were elected in record numbers in the US Congress. Including the first Muslim and the first Native, but also a former fighter pilot, the inside or the CIA-Democrat, with different biographies:-agent of interior

group photo with women in the Federal house

“your choice was also a sign of resistance against Trump, this resistance is female,” said the SP national councillor from Zurich Min Li Marti (44) to Sunday. Together with their Bernese Ratskollegin Flavia water fall (40) Marti loaded, therefore, this week your colleagues to a photo shoot in the Federal house.

With the recordings to start on the left, women in June, their campaign “women’s choice of 19”. Flavia, of water fall: “gender equality issues more women than in the past: The Women’s March or the equal pay demo thousands of women went through ten on the road.” 14. June is the national women’s strike will take place – a huge occasion! “A lot of women have enough” water continues to fall. “You don’t want to be, for decades, put off.”

“We are in the house!”

the aim of the action from this week: The comrades and their concerns to be visible. “Because without visibility, no choice to succeed,” explains water fall. “And we belong to the house! To the municipal house, the city hall or the Federal house, to say how Josi Meier already used.”