“We need the company tax harmonisation in the cantons at a reasonable level, otherwise the cantons to force each other into a downward spiral,” said the SP party President in an Interview with the “Sunday newspaper”. It will bring nothing, if the cantons delivered a ruinous tax competition. “Our true competitors are Singapore, Ireland and Holland.”

The exact Text for the referendum is not yet available. According to Levrat, the initiators did not want to dictate to the cantons a certain corporate tax rate, but a lower limit is set. This is not expected to exceed the cantons then.

The time for tax harmonisation in a hurry, if Switzerland is not wool international to come under pressure again, said the 48-year-old Fribourg Council of States more. The Organisation for economic co-operation and development (OECD) was soon on the introduction of minimum tax rates.

this Sunday, the Swiss population will vote, among other things, about new rules in the taxation of businesses and to the AHV funding. In the case of the AHV-tax deal is a new edition of the 2017 failed corporate tax reform III. The submission of new benefits for all companies. To increase the attractiveness of the location. Additional two billion Swiss francs per year for the AHV to make the law at the ballot box, a majority.