tons of plastic waste threatening the world’s oceans and accumulate on beaches for outrage. Almost invisible micro-plastic in soil, water and air is meanwhile. But he, too, is a huge Problem.

A German study estimated the annual micro plastic-wear to about 4 kilograms per head. Extrapolated to Switzerland, around 35’000 tons of micro-plastic in the year would be.

About a Kilo of abrasion

tires are The main source of abrasion to the tyre of car, motorcycle and Velopneus (see Box). A source, which should be pinched off, as SP-national councillor Ursula Schneider shaker (57, FR), calls for a procedural request. The Pro-Natura-President of the Swiss Federal Council measures, thus less tire wear in the environment.

The German Fraunhofer Institute for environmental, safety and energy technology has taken the micro-plastic problem under the microscope. In its 2018 published study, it has also the main sources of micro-plastic.

these are the Top Ten of each in grams per Person and year:

1228,5 Reifenabrieb302,8 release in the Abfallentsorgung228,0 Bitumen losses 131,8 drifts of sports wear in Asphalt 182,0 Pellet and playgrounds 117,1 release on construction sites 109,0 Schuhsohlenabrieb99,1 abrasion of plastic packaging 91,0 abrasion of Fahrbahnmarkierungen76,8-fiber abrasion in the case of textile laundering

“the micro plastic is not only almost invisible, but also an underestimated hazard,” says Schneider shake to VIEW. “In the meantime, micro-plastic can be found almost everywhere, even in living beings.” So almost every sea mammal plastic in the body. And even in the people micro plastic is found.

The Federal Council have also abrasion already referred to the problem of micro – plastics, in particular also on the tire, so the free citizen. “It is even more important that deeds.”

More cleaning equipment

A solution you see in road wastewater-treatment plants, as they are on different highway sections. “At the cantonal and communal roads of wear but mostly just in the embankments and carried on from there,” Schneider shaking. Also on sewage micro-plastic will be transported and arrive, ultimately, in the waters, since not all wastewater treatment plants could filter this out.

at most of the tire wear, you could technically reduce, Schneider shaking. “Completely from the world, the Problem is not, however,” she is aware of. “However, it should be kept as small as possible.”

Pneu-air pressure adjust

tips for less tire wear come from the car counselors. One of the most important pieces of advice for less abrasion is important: the correct Tire air pressure.