Federal politicians are busy as bees – at least in the Ämtlisammeln. Over 2000 interest bonds from the 200 national Councillors and 46 Ständeräte in a Register. Including volunteer mandates in the social or cultural area, as well as well-paid Positions in insurance companies or industry associations to be found.

“This goes in the direction of venality”

“Well-paid part-time jobs are the politicians, unfortunately, are not uncommon,” says SP-national councillor Mattea Meyer (31, ZH). “Especially well-funded lobbying organisations, companies and associations, clamping members of Parliament with lucrative mandates for your concern.” Financial and political interests would be mixed as a result. “In some cases, in the direction of venality and corruption” criticizes you.

The basic problem is the Secrecy: The mandates do not need to be disclosed, however the compensation. Top-Skim shy away from transparency like the plague.

Maximum daily allowance of CHF 440

Meyer chooses a different approach: it calls for a Wage cap for Ämtlisammler! Specifically, you want to limit the daily allowances. These are for the part-time jobs not be higher than the MP allowance from the current level of 440 francs. Also, the allowances for travel, Accommodation or meals should be based on the MP expenses.

“For ordinary professional activities would be an exception to this rule to be created,” says Meyer. Everyone should be able to exercise their usual occupation without restriction.

Against lucrative Ämtli

Meyer’s Motion aims to excessive accumulation of the Board of Directors, Association or political consulting mandates. Also on overpaid Nebenjöbli. So today, the FDP Federal councillor Ignazio Cassis (58) cashed in as a former President of the health insurance Association of Curafutura 180’000 francs. Now FDP councillor Josef Dittli (62 UR) has the lucrative Ämtli held – for 140’000 Swiss francs.

Particularly in the health Commission of many politicians who receive health insurance a bit of money frolic. A few examples: SVP-Nationalrat Heinz Brand (63, GR) is Santésuisse-President, CVP national councillor Ruth Humbel (61, AG) sits in the Concordia Board of Directors and the FDP Council of States Joachim Eder (67, ZG) acts of the Board of Trustees as Sanitas.

That such mandates have quite an influence, occupied only recently, the insurance contract law. Thanks to the wheeling and dealing of the insurance lobby, the law would have solid of the Insured at the expense of even worse. First, the public Outcry led at the last Moment to a correction.

Meyer has four mandates

Meyer has only four mandates in the social sector: “In the three Offices I deserve nothing, as the President of the Swiss labour relief Agency, I receive 6000 francs per year.”

Today is Thursday, you will submit your wage cover-procedural request. For you is clear: “politicians should not be the money in the center of your Parliament work, but the thing to do.”