The Aargauer SP Council of States seat is gone. SP candidate Cédric Wermuth (33) has lost the battle for Stöckli, but not his sense of Humor. On Twitter he asked his Followers to be the best politician-jokes.

and lo And behold, the Wermuth-Fans wrote the Finger sore. A VIEW presents a selection of the greatest knee-slapper.

politicians don’t use

of course, that politicians, first and foremost, as a not use. For example, like this:

Two politicians on the way to a meeting: “What you said the other day in her speech on pension reform?” “Nothing.” – “It is clear to me, but as you have formulated it?”


Like a politician trying to a light bulb to screw in? He holds the bulb into the socket and is waiting for that the whole world revolves around him.

What other Twitterers – adds well to the taste Wermuths–:

Except in the FDP. Since there is no need, you just cut taxes enough, then the invisible Hand of the market will change the bulb by itself.

And quite a nasty one:

How can you tell that a politician is lying? If the lips move.

politicians and the love of money

it is Also clear that politicians are also taken on the grain, because you always have ideas of what you must shell out costly for taxpayers. The sounds then, like this:

What is the difference between Parliament and a cell phone? In the cell phone you have to pay first and then choose.

Anyway, some people have the feeling that politicians only look for themselves. In joke form, expresses itself as follows:

Reporter: “What do you do if you are elected?” Politician: “I’m a little thoughts. What is bothering me a lot more, what I’ll do if I’m not elected.”

Even wormwood gets his fat away

Who beckons his Followers, such as wormwood from the Reserve, must not be surprised, if he gets to be fat. By aiming around his left ethos:

What are the political views that Adam and eve had? They were the first Communists in the real socialism. – Who else is a life without clothes, could keep, without an apartment and without a functioning infrastructure for a paradisiacal state?

Or then all the evil will be targeted directly to the Person:

The biggest joke of a politician: The Council of States candidacy of Cédric Wermuth.

BDP-Guhl responded with gallows humor

With a lot of gallows humor of the deselected Aargauer BDP national councillor Bernhard Guhl (47) reacts to the Tweet. He has the last few days, several sayings to listen to. “I had to make my Followers not to jokes questions,” he says.

last but not least, but the following realization of a wormwood-Followers:

There is no policy jokes. All true.