30 francs! So much pays a Poor relative, if he wants to take over after the military service, his army pistol. Only a valid firearms acquisition certificate, he must submit to yet. Then the gun of 75, or 49 belongs to him officially. After all, 990 members of the army made in 2017 of this bargain offer.

for sport

Too many for SP-national councillor Priska Seiler count (50, ZH) to protect. It keeps the barrier of entry for much too deep. In a proposal you are requested, therefore, that the poor guns, leaving the army “the only proven shooters and only for a reasonable compensation” in private possession is delivered.

the trigger for your proposal is a judgment of the Federal administrative court in June this year in connection with a police murder 2011. In Schafhausen was then shot and killed a police officer with a poor gun and another policeman injured. The army had missed years earlier, the weapon of the severely personality disordered offender to collect.

For Seiler count, the judgment is groundbreaking: “today’s practice endangers the right to life,” she said. “As a minimum measure of the proof is to require that the relevant Person shooter as an active sport regularly in Exercises and competitions with this poor gun takes.” This condition should also be checked periodically.

in order To request an adjustment to the terms and conditions that apply for the Adoption of the assault rifle. This only receives, who in the previous three years by at least twice the mandatory program to 300 meters, and twice the shooting has graduated to 300 meters.

20 Times cheaper than on the market

the acquisition price of just CHF 30, your a thorn in the eye. “The significant subsidy of the privatization of army guns in the Form of a lot at a low price is justified by nothing and must be replaced by a reasonable price,” she demands.

The gun 75 cost on the Second-Hand market, about 600 francs. “It is not, which is why the army is making this gun for 20 Times less in Non-sport-shooters.”

SVP-Salzmann against “disarming”

Seiler count with your claim with the weapons of friends in the Federal house. SVP national councillor Werner Salzmann (56, BE) keeps “nothing” from the idea.

For the Colonel in the army staff and President of the Bernese shooting sports Association is clear: “It shows the true intentions and goals of the Left. The disarmament of the Swiss.”