Roger Nordmann: We want to be convincing, not with an empty bike! It’s about our proposals for lower premiums, better climate protection and greater equality, to propose and to expose the legal civil projects.

We are witnessing it on the street otherwise. But we have strengthened the campaign.

For the climate and energy policy is the SP top, and my goal is to win more seats. It is not right that a populist protest movement is the strongest faction in the Federal house.

But! At the latest, in four years, we need to have the SVP as the largest group of obsolete. The SVP loses the 2015, winning a number of seats, and we are – then there’s not much that separates us.

Today, we have very often the Situation that FDP and SVP in the national Council to dictate instead of negotiate. That’s why we have a lost legislature behind us. It needs the counterweight of a strong SP. Otherwise the risk is great that the right can keep their majority, because CVP and BDP are weakening. The consequences would be fatal: breastfeeding policy in the European policies in the climate. Pension age to 67 and tax gifts to put on top. This is the secret plan of the right!

But sure! FDP and SVP are available, the protection of Wages and protection of the climate, to undermine, it should have its majority. And they are undermining the equality of man and woman.

There is in the climate policy some constructive liberal-minded Ständeräte. But in the national Council, the FDP foutiert about climate.

they were not prepared. And our Referendum against the corporate tax reform III has brought the FDP and SVP of the concept. But now they have set the course.

The question arises, if a vacancy arises. A Federal Council of this party occurs and is strengthened by our warehouse in the autumn, we are allowed to discuss it.