this Time, the premiums of the health insurance premiums were small: Wherefore it could not expect large funds, the new premiums, even before the official date and the date of appearance of the health Minister Alain Berset (47) to announce.

However, the leaves of the SP Federal councillor does not sit up. He quoted today, the chief of the largest Swiss funds, Assura, Atupri, Concordia, CSS, Groupe Mutuel, Helsana, KPT, ÖKK, Sanitas, Swica and Visana and three umbrella organisations of health insurers: Curafutura, RVK and Santésuisse.

SP-the Federal Council is talking about funds to Certain

Berset, reminded the Fund representatives about the applicable rules and criticized her scamper decided. This distorts competition and is confusing to the Insured.

because they had expressed to the premiums before the Federal office for health (BAG), approved it, had been set the speculation in motion, the incorrect predictions resulted. Single premiums information to be landed in addition, in the case of intermediaries, informed Bersets interior Department (EDI).

The law disregards

The health insurance Supervisory law stipulates that the premium rates for the compulsory published health care insurance prior to their approval by the BAG, nor may be used. In order for the Insured to be protected from making the wrong decisions, and fair competition is ensured.

After the debate on the past Premiums in an exchange on the rules for the next round took place, according to EDI. The Participants agreed to clarify in the next few months, the exact process to be followed by all. Currently, several parliamentary initiatives are pending, which aim to strengthen the legal basis for the premium approval.

The elf threaten regulatory measures

Berset gathered funds more than 90 percent of Insured represented. To the next award round will be invited to a Meeting. It should come again to the failings of the funds, could take the EDI according to the VIEW information to regulatory measures.