Christian Levrat: true for all large parties. We all were overwhelmed by the green wave. We will analyze the result of relentlessly, but now we focus on the second Ballot for the Council of States.

There are two explanations: part of the left electorate, became a symbol and chose the Green. And the Greens were able to mobilize the Neuwähler better than we do. But for sure we have made mistakes.

In the environmental policy, we have emphasized that we support the reforms only if they are socially acceptable and portable for the edge regions. This is the contribution of the SP research environmental policy, but with social balance. An example: taxes on gasoline or airline tickets to be reimbursed.

discussions about people and the campaign we are in the lead after the second ballots for the Council of States.

we can discuss This without any time pressure, if it is so far. There’s nothing more to say.

Now, solutions are possible. The CO2 act must quickly and without the need for additional receivables to be ready to advise you. It must not be overloaded, in spite of a green election victory, otherwise it fails. Then we need a state investment program for renewable energy. With half of the CVP’s centre-left now has a majority. We were able to dream of so far only. The new dynamics also plays with other themes: marriage for all, transparency in politics, Finance – much of this can now be rapidly a reality.

Any gain is welcome. I see it as a partnership. The rise of the Green helps in the collection of signatures and the financing of campaigns.

The Ball is not with us. First, the Greens need to decide whether they compete and with whom. What is certain is that The present Federal Council does not reflect the party political balance of forces in Parliament. There is no reason that the Federal Council is so much more to the right. To do this, Ignazio Cassis and Karin Keller comes:-Sutter belong to the right edge of the FDP.

we will have to discuss with the Green party and the CVP. But I would like to carry on negotiations with the FDP and SVP, because you must be your Übervertretung clear. They are intended to show how we can solve this Problem. Whether we do it in December or at the next vacancy is open.

The is open and also depends on how the FDP and SVP behavior. It is not enough for me, if you defend their majority only with regard to the Status quo. Then it will crash. The magic formula aim that all major parties are represented in the Federal Council. An imbalance is not good for Switzerland. It is the institutions, paralyses. It needs an adjustment of this December, or in the course of the next legislature.

That would be interesting. I’m curious to see what SVP and the FDP say to this scenario.

GLP has reached seven per cent vote share. It has no seat in the Council of States and not a single member of the cantonal government. The GLP has zero claim to a Federal Council.

I’m all for an Expansion to nine members. In fact, this would be more scope to integrate the major parties is appropriate in the government. And it would, in the short term solve the Problem of the lack of green involvement. For me, other reasons are decisive: The regions were better represented, the members would be relieved. Worldwide, there is hardly a country with only seven Ministers, which is not in accordance with more time. If the elections of last Sunday lead to a nines-the Federal Council, I am glad.