Switzerland’s relationship with the EU, the issue of Climate change and health costs – these are the three topics-stocked Moderator Sandro Brotz (49) his “choice Arena”. After the first two shipments in the Rhine port of Basel and on to the Jungfraujoch, the third shipment goes tonight in a pharmacy in Buchs AG on the stage.

Just today, Brotz flutters box also an open letter to the SP in the letter. This makes the Deputy group leader and campaign Director Nadine mass Hardt (34) to vent their Anger.

“shock, in the end, failure”

“At 14. June, half a Million women went on the woman strike across the country on the road and demanded more money, time and respect,” writes a mass Hardt to the address of the “Arena”is responsible. It was the largest political Demonstration in the history of Switzerland. The political broadcast is not to focus on the equality question before the elections, “is a shock end failure”.

And further: “A programme that has the ambition to be the leading political debate forum, not may one of the most urgent questions of the present time, just move on,” complains mass Hardt. It calls on Brotz, therefore, an additional choice Arena to the theme of equality to be recognised.

“of discussion, there are enough”, the SP-woman VIEWS. Not only is the continued existence of wage discrimination between a man and a woman are called as debate points, but also lack of school places and Parental leave, care work and part-time jobs, domestic violence or lack of protection against sexual harassment in the workplace.

women under-representation in the Arena

“Added to this is the under-representation of women in politics and the economy – and even in the electoral Arena,” said mass Hardt. She has taken the guest lists of the three programs under the magnifying glass. “Only eight of the 21 invited to the discussion, guests are female. In the glacier cave on the Jungfraujoch on the subject of climate, a single woman stood in the first row – in addition to four men”, writes the from Berne. “The gender distribution is clearly insufficient.” Such mismatches is important to avoid it in the future, she appeals to Brotz.

That the proportion of women in the three shipments, with 38 percent higher than currently in the national Council (32 per cent) or in the Council of States (13 percent), can be mass Hardt as an excuse not to apply. “What is decisive is the social Image, which must also be found in the Arena of his precipitation, a female share of 50 percent,” says mass Hardt is. For A debate on gender equality is clear: “more than urgent.”