The figures are the number of deaths in residential care homes, through the corona, which is the emergency operations centre this morning as ordered, to have a solid political commotion that caused. SP.A chairman of the Conner], Which tweeted: “Now it turns out that Wouter Beke, the figures from the homes for the elderly are not notified to the federal level. 241 in 4 days? How many deaths does he have under the carpet swept? Hallucinatory.” The post was later deleted, and modified. “The intent is to get the guy to play with.”

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The row started this morning at the daily briefing on the number of coronaslachtoffers in the country. Suddenly, it fell to the number 241. So many people have between 1 and 4 april and died in Dutch residential care centres, with a presumption that the corona virus. These figures had not yet been communicated, so all of a sudden, a large number of additional victims to be counted it had to be.

The original deleted tweet from Conner Sometimes.

The adopted POLICIES.A chairman of the Conner From a huge lash-out on Twitter and in the direction of the Flemish minister for the Care, Wouter Beke, is entitled to residential care facilities. “Any material that is contaminated, staff will need to continue to work, no testing, and now it turns out that Wouter Beke, corona fatalities in residential care homes is not notified of the federal”, tweette him. “214 on a 4-day period of time? How many deaths does he have in total at the bottom of the mat is wiped off? Hallucinatory!”

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finally, That post sounded very, very sharp, also the minister Beke, said to be regretted is that there will be “political games have been played” – and, Sometimes, removed it later on. There’s a new tweet, without an attack in the direction of Beke. “It wasn’t supposed to be the guy to play with,” says John Pattyn, the spokesman of the SP.A. “Our focus is on the question: how is it possible that it is now only communicated with it? We want to have a decent explanation for it. It’s been known for weeks that it is not good to go into residential care homes. For the people who live there, work and have a family, it is very important that we have answers to get, and it’s time to see if our approach can be adjusted. In retrospect, we will see who is right and wrong has been done.” Got the SP.A bad call by Wouter Beke, or the CD&T? “I don’t know, but Conner saw myself in that message, a lot of the men. He is in charge of the social media itself, it wasn’t anyone else to whom the message had been prepared.”