It’s about 15’000 Swiss francs income, the a in Illnau-Effretikon living, the mother hid the social welfare office. Instead, by the way, in a beauty salon work, not at the end of the Italian office, you will have to be employed. For you stand now in July, before the court.

The judge lost the single woman with 2700 Swiss francs, bürdete also the cost method. On a country reference, the court refused, however, because raised in Switzerland, Italian is well anchored, there is also next to the child she already has, yet another Baby. The debt-to-cradle only means hard-to – 30-Year-old got put “in an incredibly difficult Situation,” said the judge. As a case of hardship escaped classified the Italian a five-year Ländesverweis.

Internet-Pranger, because a judge of the SP belongs to

That social welfare fraud is not deported, is now the Effretiker SVP district Council René Truninger mightily against the grain. Therefore, he brought to the court of the name of the judge in experience. After he had found out that she is a SP member, and he provided you with a full name on Facebook and Twitter, the Internet pillory, according to the Zürcher Oberländer.

According to the “wants to make Truninger but a to Andreas Glarner”. SVP-national Council has recently published not just a name, but also the phone number of a similar Shaming Post. “The publication of an address or phone number is an invasion of privacy, and thus taboo,” says Truninger.

The SVP district Council is working through in his municipality the social assistance fraud case. To prevent this with a policy proposal in Illnau-Effretikon and with the alleged aim of further fraud in the future. (ct)