the New musical animated series “Zebra in the box,” made in Association with film Studio “Soyuzmultfilm” and PKVS (“the First channel. World network”, a digital unit of the First channel). The author of the idea of unusual film singer Lyubasha.

Today announced the date of cinepremiere cartoon, and later can be viewed on the popular online platforms and on the official YouTube channel of the film Studio “Soyuzmultfilm”. All are scheduled to produce two seasons of the series, each of 26 episodes, that is 52 episodes. This will allow the “Zebra in the box” to successfully enter the foreign market. The project has been presented at prestigious content market MIPTV 2020, the participants recognized the series one of the most promising for international distribution is in the category of pre-school.

cartoon Characters fun and different: a Zebra with an unusual pattern on the body – Cell, the “correct” Zebra-striped Fields, a shy elephant Rodion, restless ostrich Pasha and his younger brother egg Peter, good crocodile is a vegetarian Ghosh and active monkey Ian.

Friends live on the island in the African jungle. In each series with a length of 6.5 minutes between the animals, a conflict occurs because of differences in habits, tastes, peculiarities of temperament and appearance. But the main character of the Box always helps to find a way out of the situation.

the Image in the series is flat, without horizon, and the backgrounds look similar to illustrations. Cartoon done in warm colours. And most importantly – each episode has an original song or a stirring dance. The music for the series was written by the composer Maxim Dunayevsky. Funny movement for the characters came up with creative producer Alexey Alekseev, known for his work on music videos, including “Haru-mamburu” group “Nogu Svelo”.

the Main character of the Zebra Cell is voiced by popular actress Olga Kuzmina.

“it is important for Children to understand the value of the unique characteristics of the individual. Education from an early age to respect themselves and others, good relations group, communication skills – all part of our mission, – the Chairman of the Board of the Studio “Soyuzmultfilm” Juliana Slaschova. – We are glad that the cartoon “Zebra in the box” will be one of the first of its kind in the Russian market. We also expect that the series will be a success abroad”.

“Company “First channel. World network” is the co-producer of the series. “I think we managed to create a good and funny animation project on a very topical subject. Tolerance in the modern world is a basic value and, as you know, all the basic values it is better to learn in early childhood,” says Director of children and youth programs of the VCE Faith Bolonkina.

the Concept of the show and scripts developed with the participation of the psychologist Anna Sabitini member of the International Association anestimations for analytical psychology, supervisor of the Russian society of analytical psychology and Jung Institute in Zurich.