While south Korea when a milestone in the virusbekæmpelsen, be that creative means in use, for that life can continue.

For the first time since 29. February, where coronaepidemien reached a preliminary peak in south Korea, the country has registered fewer than 50 new smittetilfælde.

More precisely, on Monday, local time, 47 new confirmed coronasmittede in the country.

The state health authorities, according to news agency Reuters.

Thus, there has been a total 10.284 smittetilfælde in south Korea, and 186 is the provisional death with Covid 19.

south Korea is highlighted in several places as a pioneer in relation to coronaindsatsen.

According to media Science.dk, the authorities have priority “a first-class epidemiberedskab, because the former have had viruses like sars and mers and close in on life”.

It has in periods meant that the country has conducted approximately 15,000 tests each day.

on Saturday announced the South Korean government according to the news agency dpa that the more actions and restrictions will continue in two weeks in spite of the rapid recovery in the smitteudviklingen.

the Rules to keep the distance among other things, that the parishioners have had to resort to alternative methods for holding religious services.

Thus, some churches in south Korea have begun to keep the drive-in church services, while the other stream directly from the kirkerummene.

At a church in the inner city of Seoul held about 150 cars, according to dpa on Sunday parked, while there was held the worship service.

Several churches in south Korea has been under fire in recent weeks to defy the guidelines and yet let the people gather in the kirkerummene.

Among other things, planning the local authorities in Seoul of a possible legal action against the protestant Sarang Jeil church to keep the worship service and to exceed a prohibition against large gatherings. It writes the news agency Yonhap.

living well over 50 million people in south Korea.