Information about the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN is nothing more than fakes and manifestations “infogami”, said the Minister of national unification of South Korea Kang Yong Chol. His words the Agency “Renhap”.

“the capabilities of our intelligence allow us to say for sure: no unusual manifestations in North Korea is not observed”, — quotes Agency the words of the Minister. He expressed his distrust to the publication Daily NK: according to him, Hasansky medical center, which allegedly operated on North Korean leader — a clinic, where operations cannot be carried out.

He said earlier that South Korea believes the head of the neighboring state alive and well, and posts about panic in Pyongyang are not confirmed.

Earlier, U.S. President Donald trump said that he knows about the state of Kim Jong-UN, but refused to disclose any details of the information. He expressed hope that North Korean leader “all is well”.

Kim Jong-UN to April 11, does not appear in public, and on April 15, missed the birthday celebration of Kim Il sung. The absence in the ranks of the leadership of the main national holiday has fueled speculation about a possible illness of the North Korean leader, who currently do not comment on officials and media of the DPRK.