The Farmer in South Africa is a dangerous life. This year alone have been murdered in 184 Raids on farms at least 20 people. The 1970 Uzwil SG emigrated Farmer Rolf, Bill (72) knows the risk. He reveals: “I never sleep without a cell phone, walkie-talkie and a gun.”

a few days Ago, a new murder shook the white population in South Africa. On Sunday it was in Stellenbosch, the winery owner, Stefan Smit (†62) with three shots in the back. His wife, as well as a Swiss woman, who was visiting, had to witness the fact. Subsequently, the offenders beat the women, and robbed the Swiss of the watch and money (LOOK told).

the motive for the murder of the wine-growers in Stellenbosch is still not clear. But the fact is that Smit against black Haunting was going on, had settled back legally on his property, and he had received death threats.

revenge on the White

“It is a very bad thing, and unfortunately, a lot of the media don’t write about it,” says Rolf Bill, the operation once on 35 hectares, with the Swiss brown cattle, dairy farming, and today on a part of the Farm, some sheep holds. With the bad “thing” says Bill the “most racist Raids on farms”.

in fact, the perpetrators usually Black, which is not just for prey, but the White one for the former rule want revenge. Even today, 72 percent of the Agricultural land belonging to the White – even though they make up only 8.2 percent of the population.

expropriation of farmers soon also in South Africa legal?

Annually there are hundreds of such Raids on farms with dozens of dead. Also black employees of the white chiefs are not spared. Boost to get the Black by a Motion, which has transferred the Parliament in February: it provides that farms can be expropriated without compensation. Also the ANC, the party of Nobel peace prize laureate and first black President, Nelson Mandela (1918-2013), supported this claim.

in order for South Africa follows the example of Zimbabwe, where under President Robert Mugabe (95) about 4000 white farmers have been seized. This led to a to a black, with the state apparatus verbandelte Elite was able to enrich at the expense of the farmers. On the other, the poorly educated population lacked the Knowledge and the experience to operate industrial agriculture. Result: food production collapsed.

living in fear

In South Africa, Farmer to go to the street to protest against racism. Known primarily for the “Black Monday”, where two years ago thousands of people in black clothes came. The trigger for this day a murder of a white winemaker was also.

Itself has been invaded Rolf Bill on his between Meyerton and Heidelberg, the Farm never. “But in the Community everyone knows a that is affected,” he says. Many farmers have expanded their farms to the right FORTS. Bill operates with the neighbors, “Farm Watch” – you look mutually to each other.

The emigrants lived in constant anxiety: “even Though I have paid for the property and entered in the land register am, I might become dispossessed of the day. I don’t know what would happen then.”

“Mandela would be turning in their graves”

Also emigrated in the ‘ 70s, the Swiss Marc Cathomen (68) to Johannesburg, where he led the theatre’s restaurant, La Parisienne, as well as the Pizzeria La Terrazza. After he had been four times invaded, he returned in 1992, according to Mels, SG.

Despite the painful experiences he spends every year with his wife Mara (67), the holidays in South Africa. Says he: “It is a beautiful country, in the now, but, unfortunately, the pendulum moves to the other side.” As in Zimbabwe, the Black with the reclaimed Land would also know in South Africa, to start from nothing. “It broke is in part easy,” white Cathomen. This was economically disastrous: unemployment increases, investors would prefer.

For the Mandela-Fan no longer is South Africa the country that wanted to build the first black President. Cathomens judgment: “When Mandela saw what made his people, he would be turning in his grave.”

South Africa is one of the trending destinations for Swiss tourists. “According to the current booking levels, we are in South Africa, slightly above the previous year”, says Corina Räber, spokesperson of Tui Suisse. “We notice at the Moment, no decline in bookings due to the events.” So Räber says the recently growing number of reports of Attacks on landowners. The country attracted in the recent past, more and more guests, even if the prices in climbing flight. Räber: “In South Africa traveling around and put together Package tours for the asking.” Rival Hotelplan Suisse processed via daughter travel house in South Africa. Currently, the reservation is slightly under the previous year. In the last three years this increased, however, in each case in the two-digit percentage range. “One of the bookings for the upcoming winter season, so we are on for South Africa this year in two-digit plus area,” says hotel spokeswoman Prisca Huguenin-dit-Lenoir. Ulrich Rotzinger