Soso Pavliashvili was your trip in the seventies

People, encumbered with some experience in the industry, could let the nostalgic tears. The artist has arranged a press conference on the occasion of the release of the new album, then gives a small concert, and it happens in a music store. I remembered the nineties, when something similar happened almost once a week.

However, these retro fits perfectly into the overall concept of what Soso Pavliashvili wanted to convey to the public. And we are talking about fourteen songs, sounding in the spirit of the seventies and presented on two vinyl, like before, said discs-giants. A very extravagant idea, but not devoid however of common sense.

In recent years, the term “vinyl” is rapidly losing its Museum context. In specialized shops are increasingly found in young people, and many of the artists offer fans their records, including on vinyl. There was even some music-good manners: look at the stream and, if liked, buy it on vinyl. This is narodnost, which is recognized as fashionable and even prestigious. And in the case of the new album Soso form still corresponds to the content.

the singer has repeatedly admitted that his musical inspiration is directly related to the gold standards of Stevie wonder, James brown, Barry white and other hipsters-seventies. And if to take in eleven previous albums, Soso, then they can detect the most passionate Georgian soul, the roots of which grow from the fertile soil of Motown Records. Of course, Mr. Pavliashvili, as a practical man regularly distracted on stage: starvation — not a happy prospect for the artist, but never forgot about his musical beliefs. And now, apparently, it’s time to turn these beliefs into the album.

Studio approach when recording “Life is good!” can be considered to a certain extent uncompromisingly. “I wasn’t thinking about any kind of formats when creating these songs, says Soso. The more I think about them, teat get worse music, it’s as if freedom be taken away”. In fact, it meant that the singer was allowed to run wild imagination. Eventually the Studio came tricky “tube” devices, and with them — a whole orchestra with brass, violins, bass and other absolutely outrageous during the simulation of musical excesses. “That is the time for you has stopped and all the modern technology was sent on leave?” — asked “ZD” of the singer. “In the Studio, of course, was computer in which we collected everything he wanted somehow to use, — said Soso. But in the music itself, no computer games. All alive. And it sounds like the album of a happy man who wants to share their happiness”.

Now left to figure out are you ready to take this artistic happiness to the audience. Of course, those who will listen to the album on a turntable, it will be possible to fully appreciate the beauty of a live orchestra and, perhaps, to get into the spirit of songs that are not in a hurry. At the same time with a fat pop hits on the album, unfortunately, not a lot. There are some doubts about the fact that “Life is good!” will be for fans Soso same favorite album as “Sing with me” or “Waiting for you Georgians.” But everything changes when it comes to concert performances.

the Scene was the singer for the family business. Last autumn, the crowd that had gathered at a big concert in honor of the 55th anniversary of Soso, was ready to melt with tenderness, when his eleven-year-old daughter Sandra sang a duet with his famous father. As for Levan, son of Soso, he has already become a full-time backup vocalist in the Studio and at concerts.

After the press conference family vocal band Pavliashvili went on the small stage and gave the audience the atmosphere of the bustling Georgian feast (because of the organizers of Georgian wine came in handy). Soul music mixed with a song from “Mimino” and classic hits, with a wide smile, toast for peace and friendship love. Enough to forget about the hated music formats.