again and again, Sophia Vegas (31) Followers criticize that you leave your Baby alone a lot. When the Reality TV star wants to be with her boyfriend Daniel Charlier in the holiday, then she travels – and Baby Amanda (3 months) home in Miami for her full-time Nanny. The nanny has been fired Vegas now.

To write a photo of their daughter, Sophia, Vegas, shares on Instagram: “Proud three months old and already your own Boss. Have just fired the Nanny.” The child is wearing a Body, on which the lettering “Future Girl Boss” (English: future Boss).

Sophia Vegas should yourself take time for a child

Is the name of the now that Sophia Vegas spends more time with the child? In the comment column, it means the same: “Take time for yourself time for the child.” However, whether this will really happen? Their Followers tend to doubt it. “The collects in the morning the next Nanny,” writes a User under the photo. Another says: “There will still be fired many nannies.”

The Nanny was “the only constant caregiver for Amanda”

Also, that Sophia Vegas has fired the nanny at all, pushes some of the oxygen. “How could you let this sweet little thing for just two weeks alone? With the Nanny, did you get fired now? Unbelievable”, etches a Followerin. Above all, however, Worry whether this is good for the child. “The Nanny is probably the only constant caregiver for Amanda, and it would be bad if the would be now replaced.”

not expressed the reasons why Sophia Vegas’ Nanny no longer works for you, the Reality TV star to date. Also, whether there will be a new nanny for Baby Amanda, is not yet clear. (euc)