Reality TV Star Sophia Vegas (32) mounted in the February of their first child, the little Amanda, on the world. Directly after the birth of the Influencerin it was important to bring your Body back into shape. Now published by Sophia on Instagram a photo in a skimpy swimsuit and requested in the same train young mothers to pregnancy pounds as quickly as possible to get rid of.

Under the snapshot on Instagram, she wrote: “No excuses for us women. Who can get babies, has also to feed the discipline to do properly and to get back in shape.”

Fans of

are out of your followers, the Council meets with oxygen. So a beefed up: “And the woman which let everything make. What did you do for discipline?” Another criticized: “Not everyone has a full-time Nanny and therefore enough time to Sport or to the beauty doctor. Just as little you nursed your daughter, and therefore also no cravings felt, you are the work of one or more surgical and not of your discipline. Sorry, but mega disrespectful “normal” women.”

Some users were also of the opinion that new mothers should take care of their babies, than about her appearance: “The little time I have for my children, I spend with you and not in the gym.” Sophia Vegas has not acted yet on the criticism. (Bang/bnr)