He does not hesitate for long. Rammstein Rocker Till Lindemann (56) should be referred to a Fan rudely in his place. In a hotel bar in Munich and a guest insulted the accompaniment of the singer.

Lindemann struck him, then to his elbow in the face. The Result: A Broken Jaw. For assault, the police took a complaint against Lindemann.

“If he loses it, then manage,”

Sophia Thomalla (29) speaks Well to the incident. For nearly five years, she was the woman on the page of the singer until they broke up in November 2015. Until today, the two maintain a friendly relationship. Thomalla says to “image”: “Till is the most polite person I know. I wouldn’t know what to get him from the rest. But if he loses it, then fine.”

the behavior of the hotel guest, it says: “Provoke, then collect the money and in hindsight, the police of the unmännlichste train, I know to call in my opinion.” Till Lindemann has not commented yet on the incident. (paf)