Sophia Loren announced movie, to thank Italy for durability

the Largest manufacturer of pasta produced the movie, which is very emotionally thanked Italy and the Italians, who have shown unprecedented unity in an emergency.

the Video is assembled from sentimental frames, telling about how the country is trying to cope with the pandemic.

to Become the voice of this video was entrusted to the woman who is the symbol of Italy, Sophia Loren. It embodies all the best qualities of this country – the beauty, become and unbreakable spirit. Part of Lauren in this project was free. The actress has considered as the debt to support Italy, through which it became known to the whole world.

for just one minute, expressed gratitude to all, who every day continues to operate in spite of an emergency: doctors, nurses, caregivers, pharmacists, cashiers, transport workers, and those who are forced to work remotely.

“the silence, which protects our streets, and a life that shouts from the balcony. For those who stopped, but still moving, and those who give all and ask nothing in return. Those who are exhausted, but fills us with the strength to hope. The beauty that never ceases to remind us of who we are. Fear that awakens courage and a smile that gives meaning to every effort. For those who are tired but not giving up. Those who are far away, but sustains us. For those who are lost, but still feels like a unified country. Italy, which once again resists. THANK you,” says Sophia Loren.