The tax deductions for health insurance premiums should be increased. The want) to the national Council, the economic Commission of the Council of States (WAK. She has agreed to a proposal with nine to three votes, almost twice as high deductions calls.

The proponents argue that health insurance premiums are the cost of compulsory levies and a part of the inevitable of life. Due to the strong growth of the premiums, higher deductions are justified. A minority rejected the Motion by Jean-Pierre Grin (SVP/VD), because higher incomes would benefit disproportionately.

family of Four can 8500 francs of taxes, settle

Grin proposes to increase the deduction for a single person of today’s 1700 to 3000 francs. For married couples it would be new 6100 Swiss francs instead of 3500 francs. Per child 1200 francs could be deducted instead of 700 francs from the Federal tax.

According to the Federal Council of the higher deductions would lead to a loss of revenue for the Federal government and the cantons of 465 million Swiss francs in the year. Now, the Council of States will decide. Rejected, the WAK has a Motion that requires the health insurance premiums to income graded fully tax deductible. (nmz/SDA)