Soon for the dolphins will appear in the Crimea

Special car to help the dolphins will appear in the Crimea. It is intended that in place as soon as possible to help the marine life or to translate them to the clinic. This service reported to “Vesti – Sevastopol”.

the Nonprofit organization “Serene sea”, aid the dolphins managed to win the Russian presidential grant. As told representatives of the center, veterinarians will be able to diagnose the affected animal right on the beach, including even to do an ultrasound and take a blood test. And in the future it is planned to open a special rehabilitation centre, where doctors will be able to treat cetaceans. It will be located on the Western coast of the Crimea.

according to the “Serene sea”, on the Crimean coast regularly happen the emission of different species of cetaceans — beloboka, bottlenose dolphins, of asook. Collected by the center statistics, from April 2017, was found alive about 60 beached aquatic mammals, and the animals are released alive, some seriously ill or injured. Meet the kids who are abandoned lactating female. Sorry, no fewer than 1,200 dolphins were found dead.

Text: GTRK Sevastopol