Sony plans to make the image sensor more “intelligent” in order to enhance their application. Japanese manufacturer seeks to reduce reliance on the saturated market of smartphones.

According to the company, they have developed the world’s first image sensor with integrated processor artificial intelligence (AI). It can perform tasks such as determining the size of the crowd, scanning a barcode and monitoring of drowsiness of the driver.

According to Sony, the system can retrieve and process the data without sending them to the cloud or to another location, which eliminates the delay and reduces power consumption.

Wednesday, may 13, the company said that the profitability of the business in 2020 may deteriorate due to pandemic coronavirus, which darkens the future of the already saturated smartphone market. Sony wants to increase the proportion of their business in the area of sensor solutions with 4% to 30% in the segment of chips by the end of March 2026, writes Reuters.

Earlier said that Sony presented the PlayStation brand Studios. It will bring together in-house studios and their games will be launched along with the game console PS5 at the end of 2020.