Jack Depp with girlfriend Camilla Jansen

the 18-year-old son johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, Jack continues to travel the world with her 20-year lover Camilla Jansen. A couple of weeks ago a young man along with his mother and girlfriend was spotted at one of the resorts of the South of France, and recently moved to Britain, where he immediately caught the eye of the paparazzi.

Yesterday, reporters captured Jack and Camille on a romantic walk through the streets of London. First the young man about something he joked with his beloved, and smiled a lot, but soon noticed that they are removed, and immediately changed countenance. Probably, in capital of great Britain Jack came to support father amid his high-profile trial with the tabloid The Sun that the actor has previously been accused of libel.

Jack Depp and Camilla Jansen

it is Noteworthy that the past few months, the heir to the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” is almost never parted with his beloved. For the first time since the start of the pandemic with the model he was spotted in late may on the streets of Paris, then invited her to spend the holidays with him and his mom Vanessa in one of the southern regions of France. All the young people together for about a year: last August, the pair first caught the eye of the paparazzi.

we will Remind, last week Jack’s dad, johnny Depp, and his ex-wife amber heard (she was a witness in the case) they read their final statements at the hearings on the suit of the actor for libel against the newspaper the Sun, which publicly called johnny “a man who beats his wife”. It is expected that sentencing may take from several weeks to three months — all this time, the court will understand the circumstances of the case and the actual contradictions in the testimony Depp, Hurd and other witnesses.

Even in case of victory, johnny Depp is unlikely to sue the tabloid for a large sum of money: according to experts, the maximum amount by which the actor can count on is 388 thousand dollars. If the case loses Depp, he will have to pay a lot more money to cover his legal costs and the opportunity costs of The Sun. In this case we can talk about a seven-figure sum.

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