TV bounty hunter Duane “Dog” Chapman (66) in lost at the end of June his wife, Beth. She died at age 51 of cancer of the larynx. After the family in a mourning ceremony in Hawaii, by it adopted, the widower, last Tuesday, his work as a bounty hunter for the first time after the death of his wife. His son Leland (42) was injured.

Together, Leland Chapman had chased out loud “” on Tuesday in the US state of Colorado a Suspect, the domestic violence is alleged and has not paid his Deposit. Father and son tracked the Person and wanted to arrest him – it came to chase.

son of TV Stars have to have the surgery

Leland Chapman crack of the fight with the Suspect, could finally be arrested, the cross band and had to be treated in the hospital. As a spokesman for the Reality star to the American Portal informs, he will have to undergo after the injury to have surgery and six weeks of rest.

At the 13. July to say goodbye to the family of Beth Chapman: In Colorado, a funeral is held for the Deceased to be transferred to Fans worldwide via Livestream. (kad)