On the 21. August, Maddox Jolie-Pitt (18) started his biochemistry studies in South Korea. Angelina Jolie (44) accompanied her oldest son to Seoul. From his father Brad Pitt (55) but was missing each trace. Now has expressed Maddox to the father-son relationship.

“In Touch” has released a Video in which Maddox from Yonsei University with a Paparazzi talks. On the question of whether his father would visit him because, he replies, with elevated shoulders: “I don’t know. No idea what is going to happen.”

“What happens, happens”

the second question of whether the relationship with his father was now well and truly over, the biochemistry Student almost uncommented: “What you want to happen, happens.” Apparently dark clouds over the relationship between Maddox and Brad still. Since a dispute on Board a Private aircraft in September 2016, there is a crisis looming between Brad and his oldest son. This conflict is even supposed to be one of the last triggers for the separation of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have been.

at the beginning of August should have invited Brad, his six children on his Ranch in Santa Barbara, as an Insider reveals to the American magazine “OK!”. He wanted to speak with them, creating problems and conflicts that are to come, since the separation of their parents in 2016, up from the world. “Brad has every single one of asked, to ask simply questions about what happened in the past,” explains the Insider. Apparently, the wounds are not healed but still quite. (fmü)