ice age between the SP Federal councillor Simonetta Sommaruga and SBB CEO Andreas Meyer. According to Sommaruga, should Meyer of the wage to be reduced by four percent. That Sommarugas the Department of a request at the last Federal Council meeting, made on Saturday, the “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” in public.

Breaking: According to information of the newspaper Association CH Media knew neither of the SBB Board of Directors decides on the chief-wage, yet Meyer himself something of this Four-percent requirement. “The speech was never”, independently of each other, two high-ranking SBB-sources compared with CH Media.

Meyer earned the most

Apparently, the Department of Transport (Detec), the “NZZ” leakage to discipline Meyer”,” suspects, according to CH Media is a SBB-Insider.

Meyer should voluntarily refuse to come under the compensation limit of one Million Swiss francs, the Insider. In the year 2017, Meyers was salary pursuant to the Executive pay reporting the Federal government at just over one Million Swiss francs. It is the highest salary of the executives in state-linked operation.

According to the report, Meyer think but not to waive, and the Board of Directors with President Monika Ribar holds on to the previous remuneration.

In comparison to the Era of Doris Leuthard, Federal councillor Sommaruga has exacerbated the gait. Apparently, the CVP had identified-Federal councillor with the SBB Board of Directors and that the “expectations” of the Federal Council concerning the chief of compensation should only apply to the next boss. Meyer could keep his wages for as long as he was in office.

Ribar puts himself in front of Meyer

Quite different sounds in the Environment. Meyer had stuck to 2018 – via Bonus calculation-back, Sommaruga. However, VR-President Ribar does not agree. Their resistance expressed according to the “NZZ” even by letter. You wrote, there is the risk that Meyer will leave the SBB, should not approve of the Federal Council by the Board of Directors provided for wage.

According to CH-Media information, this was no empty threat: Meyer intern should be have actually pointed out that a wage reduction in the face of increasing demands, and in view of the good Performance in 2018 achieved by the SBB a record profit “inappropriate” would be, and he would have no understanding of.

SP threatens with a new “rip-off” Initiative

Because of the overall Federal Council decided in favour of the 4 per cent variant, but it was, suffice it to say, the General “expectation” to wage reductions, you must make Meyer for the time being not to Worry, that his salary is reduced.

should month stint so quickly between the SBB-tip and to the Department but no peace. In addition, the SP is threatening, according to the “Sunday newspaper” now with a new popular initiative to cap the salaries of top managers. (zas)