President Vladimir Putin praised relations between Russia and the USA “somewhere on troechku”.

Journalist Andrei Vandenko, the project TASS “20 questions to Vladimir Putin” asked the head of state to assess the current relations between the two countries on a scale.

“Between two and three. Closer to the top three yet”, — Putin said.

as a positive example he mentioned cooperation in the field of combating terrorism and the growth of trade.

Also Vandenko asked Putin to talk about his personal relationships with American presidents. According to the Russian leader, he had with all the “a constructive relationship”, but George Bush Jr. is “good enough”.

With the current head of the White house Donald trump call each other by name. “He calls me Vladimir, I have it — Donald”, — Putin said.

President Barack Obama insisted that Americans have the exclusive rights to the international arena. “I can’t agree,” — said Putin. He said, “God created all equal with equal rights.”