Irina Shayk

the 34-year-old Irina Shayk, who last week took part in the fashion Week in Milan, is in no hurry to leave Italy. However, holds it up, there is no rest, and work again. This time the Russian model took part in the filming for the German edition of Vogue.

the photo session will appear in the next issue of the magazine, in the meantime, the paparazzi were able to catch Shayk on the set. Work took place at the Grand Hotel Villa D’este on lake Como.

During the photo shoot Irina changed a few images, examples and translucent evening dress and latex thigh boots, and crop tops with tight skirts-pencils: one of them, Irina has not converged to the end, and the zipper had to be left unbuttoned.

Irina Shayk

it Should be noted that recently a stylist and former fashion editor Fran burns once again urged to reconsider dimensional grid of things that are available for shooting. So, she shared a photograph of a very thin model can’t fasten your trousers from Celine.

Work Irina had in Spartan conditions, but to change the platform behind the screen, but to endure hardship can Shake, because she has admitted how difficult it was for her teen years (her father died early, and Irina helped her mom) and how easy it was to integrate into the business model.

the model is very heavy. I talked about this a thousand times. Paris was the first city abroad, where I come from. I started at 20 years old — relatively late for a model. The girls with whom I lived in a rented apartment, openly laughed at me. I didn’t know the French language, spoke English, were paid very little, and I almost never have money,

— remember Shake in an interview.

However, persistence and patience has clearly paid off — today, Irina is one of the most popular models, and the new shooting with her appear almost every week. Wait, when will appear in Vogue and this photo shoot!

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