our country once again, “have erected a slander”. The cause of the current scandal – arrested in Malta a huge batch of banknotes to Libya that were allegedly “illegally” printed in Russia. “MK” has found out some details about the domestic exports of high technology products – paper money made in other countries.

In the bins in the memory of the author of these lines is preserved the information gleaned during the time of study in the Polygraphic Institute. At the lecture the teacher told us about the specifics of the production of banknotes: over accurate molds-of a matrix, microlettering, special paper, watermarks, special type of replication, the so – called Orel print… And the conclusion: it is very expensive, but necessary, and even politically important in this field our country can successfully compete with the most advanced countries of the West.

Since then, I am proud of the beautiful Soviet and later Russian bills. Pride was held up a few years ago (already on journalistic lines) “exclusive” visit to the Museum of “Goznak”. There was a chance to hear from experts, among other interesting facts also about the fact that this company has long print not only “our” money, but also bills for some foreign countries – on orders to the Bank leadership of these States.

for more information on this subject managed to get from a specialist in numismatics and bonistics Oleg V. (his real name, this man did not want to call it).

it Turns out that making money “on the side” is a very common practice. Today every fifth bill, having circulation in the world, is imported. That is printed outside of the state, money sign which it is.

the Production of paper money is very profitable business. And, most importantly, very prestigious. It is possible to draw an analogy with the space industry, automotive industry, military industry… In General, afford the luxury of having their own businesses for the printing of bills can only the most “advanced” state.

Russia is one of them. Our country has for many decades not only ensures its own cash requirements but also helps to solve this problem many other “neighbors in the world”.

Now the Russian Federation for the production of banknotes takes third place in the world. Ahead of us only two leaders. British firm De La Rue and German Giesecke&Devrient.

British “stamp” banknotes for approximately 70 foreign gosudarstv. From the German firm, the number of such customers and a half times less.

it is Understood that the printing of money – it’s strictly “secret”. The secrets of production, the quantities, incoming orders are not for ShiROCA publicity. Therefore, some facts became known only some time later, and that-if not kept in strict secret. Compared with ordinary citizens, whom the production notes are only interested in utilitarian terms: how many of these bills is in your pocket, experts on the topic – collectors coin or banknote collector, gather much more interesting information.

– as regards Russia, the backlog of orders our “Goznak” has agreements with dozens of countries, – said Oleg V. – that’s what was reported a few years ago the head of the press service “goznaka” in his interview: “…Produce banknotes and coins by order of Angola. In 2014, manufactured and supplied cash to Rwanda. Our customers are over 20 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. But information on most orders could not be disclosed…”

However, despite Stacie information limitations, some more specific details still “pop up”. However most of them that I have, is the year quite distant.

During Soviet times, money was printed in many countries of the “socialist camp” – Bulgaria, Mongolia…

By the way, Mongolia is a special story. Even in tsarist times, in 1916, by order of the local national Bank by the masters of the Expedition of storing state papers (this is the predecessor of the current “Goznak”) was developed by the look of the new mnt. In the design of banknotes of the Russian artists used some of the traditional ornaments and symbols, has long existed among Asian peoples, including the swastika. Print circulation of these banknotes did not have time was prevented by the February revolution. But already finished the development of useful Interim government. When the young Republic was a question for the urgent issuance of a new “not Royal” money, for the sake of saving time I decided to use the preset “monoplistic” money, just replacing the decals. There some time, went to Russia banknotes denominations of 250 and 1000 rubles with swastika in the centre (although in the formal description of these notes the word “swastika” to find, instead it refers to “the geometric pattern formed by intersecting cross wide strips, bent at right angles”). This offensive by today’s standards the character was present in the later version of the banknotes issued already under the Bolsheviks, – Bank notes worth 5000 and 10,000 rubles of the sample of 1918.

But back to the times more close to us.

as far As I can glean from open sources, Russia has ordered the printing of their currency nacionalnih Syria, Lebanon, Laos, Guatemala, Malaysia, Belarus… In February of this year, the Agency Bloomberg with reference to its�� sources, reported that Venezuela in November 2019 concluded with “Goznak” the contract for the printing of banknotes in denominations of 10,000 and 50,000 Bolivar for a total amount of 300 million Bolivar. By the way, in this case, we “washed” of the British. After all, the Bolivarian Republic ordered the manufacture of their money have already mentioned above the campaign of De La Rue. But now because of the changing external political conditions Caracas appealed to the Russian specialists. The cost of the order of almost $ 7.5 million.

Businesses are still some countries – including European, canadian commercial print factory, buy from us a special banknote paper. For example, in 2001, managed to win a tender for an order from Indonesia.

it is appropriate Here to quote. – A fragment from an interview given to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” in the summer of 2015 the Director of the Federal state unitary enterprise “Goznak” Arkady Trachuk: “…We produce not only the banknote, but the banknote paper used for printing currency. Export factory “Goznak” now put that paper almost as much as used to print money in Russia…”

And here’s another interesting info from the same leader: “a Private printing of this level, to be able to release the banknote, a not all. This is a pretty costly affair. Purely economically it makes sense to establish its own production of banknotes, if the country he lives at least 40 million people. That China, for example, prints its own money itself. Every year there are produced about a few tens of billions of banknotes. In the United States – about $ 10 billion. In Russia – from 4 to 6. As for the orders of the Bank of Russia and other States…”

Here you can even specify the figures announced by the distinguished Director. Eighteen months ago, the BBC Russian service has published the following information: in 2014 Goznak has exported over 1.1 billion finished notes.