Someone in Moscow for the regime of self-isolation?

In this regard, readers of “RG” asked the question and from what day to count the visits to these countries are dangerous to themselves and other citizens from the point of view of infection? On “the hot line” Department of public health correspondent “RG” has explained: if a person feels fine and had no symptoms of virus infection, by date of arrival in Moscow, you need to add 14 days. If after this date the level is OK, then all is well, will call is not necessary.

Photo: Vitaly Timkivi / RIA Novosti Four new cases of infection with coronavirus recorded in Russia

If this time period has not passed, then you need to report on “hot line” the Moscow health Department that you have arrived and are in the mode of self-isolation.

the hospital is Needed? You will bring home after the call on “hot line”. This applies to all your loved ones – children do not attend kindergarten and school, other relatives – to work if you live in the same apartment.

If you feel bad or just have signs of coronavirus, called “ambulance” on the phone 103.

Photo: Sergey Savostyanov/TASS the Condition of patients with coronavirus in Lipetsk satisfactory

currently, the coronavirus was confirmed in six cases, one of them – David Berov, who returned from Italy on February 23 and was later hospitalized, has recovered and is todayyesan from the hospital with good health. All others receive the necessary treatment.

Hospitalityat in Moscow, now in the city infectious diseases hospital N 1 and a new medical centre in Kommunarka. Simultaneously in the building complex of Moscow on behalf of the mayor of the city was considering the construction of a temporary hospital, which was built during the epidemic in Wuhan, China.

Country, after which the desired mode shumoizolyatsiya:










South Korea.

Phone “a hot line” Department of Moscow:+7 495 870 45 09