The Moscow city election Commission invalidates ballots in one-package at the site where the incident occurred with the signature of the voter, told RIA Novosti Deputy Chairman of the IPCC Dmitry Reut.

Earlier, the head of the Moscow headquarters for the control and monitoring of the voting on amendments to the Constitution Ilya Mass stated that the area 1403, a citizen noticed that members of his family and himself have already voted. Later, the headquarters was sent to the municipal electoral Committee the letter with the recommendation to accept the ballots from the safe package, where the ballot of the voter shall be void, and to consider the question of the responsibility of the Chairman and Secretary of the Commission 1403.

"We are aware of this situation. The situation is unpleasant, but one thing is for sure: this is not a deliberate violation. In election commissions are working people, they are tired, they are worried and, as a consequence, make mistakes in the design documents. The main thing that the right man was restored and he was able to vote," said Reut.

According to him, "the ballots from this box-the package will be declared invalid".

"This incident will not affect the voting results," — said the Deputy head of the IPCC.